Monday, March 28, 2011

Pictures from the MTC

Elder Kvavle

Elder Kvavle is looking forward to his first General Conference out in the mission field.  " It actually snowed here yesterday.  We got like 3 or 4 inches.  Something weird about the snow is that it is very dry snow.  Like when you kick it its acts like sand.  I know odd."

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Change Is Happening

Sister Dance, Elder Kvavle, President Dance

"This past week has been good with 2 referrals; one is a family of five and a guy named Justin Post. They have contacted them both and are looking forward to meeting with them.  Our investigator Art Robson was on date for baptism but he had to check with his wife and his wife told him there was no way he was getting baptized.  So we are meeting with them on Tuesday and are going to see what we can do."

"A recent convert named Brother Cerney, has an interesting hobby up here.  He does bee keeping, he was telling Elder Espi and I about it and it sounds really cool.  He is going to show us some stuff later in the spring once he gets his bees.  Apparently a lot of people up here do that.  So when I am home off my mission I am going to take a class on it."

The weather in Fairbanks is starting to warm up alittle to highs in 35 degree range and not -11 for daytime high. 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fairbanks, Alaska

Elder Kvavle has reached Fairbanks, Alaska on 3.1.2011.  After traveling from the MTC (in Provo, Utah) up the Anchorage, Alaska.  Elder Kvavle and the 9 other missionaries were all able to travel together.  Mission President Brother Dance had them all out tracking as soon as they got back to the mission home.  "It was fun" Elder Kvavle said in his letter.

"My companions name is Elder Espi, he is from the Philippians!  Crazy huh.  He is 24, he has been out for 16 months.  He is a good trainer and a good guy.  Oh the first night i was here is was -10!  Its crazy cold here.  I am the driver of our truck.  So as you can imagine i am learning to drive on ice and snow.  Here is Fairbanks there is like no wind which is good.  Tracking is interesting haha because the houses are really far apart and EVERYONE here has at least 1 dog!"

"We have a few potential investigators we found since i have been here, but most people are not receptive.  We do quite a bit of less active work.  The ward has about 90 members? Maybe more i am probably wrong on that guess.  It makes me miss home ward, so many more people."