Friday, February 18, 2011

Scott at the MTC in Provo, Utah

Elder Kvavle
 Scott arrives at the MTC on Febuary 9, 2011
Here is Elder Kvavle with his Host Missionary who took him to in to get his ID and showed him where his room was at.
Elder Kvavle's first companion name is Elder Grate,
from California.  They get along great and they are
both picky eaters. :)  There are 9 missionaries currently in the MTC that are all heading up to Alaska Mission.  Elder Kvavle was made District Leader for the guys in Alaska Mission at the MTC.  We have classroom for about 6 hours a day and have been learning so much.  Elder Grate and I work super well as a team with the investigators and we can actually see how much we have grown spiritually, it's crazy! The food is good somedays and not so good other days. 

We have been sending Scott letters and packages full of snacks and treats.  Elder Kvavle says his roommates were so jealous with the first package.  Little do they know he should be getting another one any day now. :)

Elder Kvavle says "Let me just tell you all that I miss you and the only way I was able to come on my mission and leave you all was because I know I'm doing the Lord's work; and that's the right thing to do.  I love you all!"

Getting set apart as a Missionary

Steve, Prez Thomas, Scott, Dad, Parker, Bishop Charters

Moments before Scott was set apart

Kvavle Family and Prez Thomas
Parker, Mom, Scott and Dad
It was very special experience to be there when Scott got set apart to be a Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, to serve in the Anchorage, Alaska Mission.  After Scott was set apart, took a few one on one photo's with Scott.  Spent some family time together, had a final family prayer before we said our goodbye to Scott.  Scott and my Dad were leaving around 5:30am for the airport the following morning headed to SLC Airport.

Fairwell Talk 1.23.2011

Scott's extended family came down to hear Scott's fairwell talk at church 1.23.2011
(from left to right) Sabrina, Aunt Kayla, Scott, Aunt Valerie, Grandma Karen, Uncle Matt, Aunt Debbie

Scott had a blast hanging out with his extended family, we ate alot of great food (possibly more then around the hoildays).  We all felt very blessed to be able to spend soom good quality time together.

The boys played a few games of Risk and had a blast...not sure who won

Aunt Debbie, Scott, Uncle Matt
Scott and Uncle Matt

Mom, Scott and Aunt Valerie

Paige, Scott and Parker

Sacarment Hymns
#194, There is a Green Hil Far Away 
Special musical number "The Spirit of God" by Sam Merrill
#249, Called to Serve 

Scott's Fairwell Talk Highlights:
Missionaries do the Lords work and not worry about the numbers of people you baptized.
-I will probably have to be reminded of this many times.
-Question: Why don't we share the gospel more often now?
                -Because were scared of what they will think.
                -The only thing that matters is what God thinks of you and not people.
-What seek ye?
    -Christ said come and see, invitation to come follow me.
-Whatever it is, Christ response is always the same:
    -Learn of Me
    -Talk to Me
    -Find answers in your prayers
-I know the gospel is true and every word I have spoken here today is true.

Kvavle Family Shot 1.23.2011

Monday, February 14, 2011

Address Information

Here is the address for the MTC if you would like to write elder Scott Kvavle a letter:

Elder Scott Kvavle
Alaska Anchorage Mission
Provo MTC
2005 N. 900 E.
Provo, UT 84604

If your interested in sending Elder Scott Kvavle a letter through his mail box number is:


Elder Kvavle leaves the MTC on February 28th, 2011 for the Alaska Mission and his address there is:

Elder Scott Kvavle Alaska Anchorage Mission
12350 Industry Way Ste 218
Anchorage, AK 99515
United States

Receiving the Mission Call

Scott getting his Mission Call
from Mail on 9.24.2010
Scott reading his mission call to
Alaska Anchorage Mission

Very Excited about the Mission Call


Morris and Scott

Kiersten and Scott

Sadie and Scott

Some history about the Alaska Anchorage Mission:

The Alaska Anchorage Mission is a unique and wonderful place to serve the Lord.  Amidst the untapped natural beauty of the Alaska's land, lakes, rivers, coastlines, and mountain peaks are many of the Lord's elect who await the message of His restored Gospel.  They, too, possess great untapped strength and beauty, often hidden to the careless eye.  Truly "...the field is white, already to harvest."

Prior to 1960 the area of Alaska was part of the Northwestern States Mission, headquartered in Portland, Oregon; and the Yukon Territory of Canada was part of the Western Canadian mission based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  L.Weilenman of Salt Lake City, Utah was called as the first President of the Alaskan-Canadian Mission when it was organized on January 1, 1960. 

Current mission president is Alan Dance and his wife Julie Dance of the Alaska Anchorage Mission.  They sent Scott a letter shortly after receiving his mission call there. "You are embarking upon one of the most challenging and rewarding periods of your life and will find great joy as you labor with the Lord in the salvation of human souls.  As you invite others to come unto Christ, you will come and we will rejoice together.  You have been called to serve in a unique part of the world. Alaska is in a class by itself with its dramatic effect, its size, climate and wildlife.  As much as you will come to love this place you will come to love this great work, the people of Alaska and the Savior even more."