Friday, February 18, 2011

Scott at the MTC in Provo, Utah

Elder Kvavle
 Scott arrives at the MTC on Febuary 9, 2011
Here is Elder Kvavle with his Host Missionary who took him to in to get his ID and showed him where his room was at.
Elder Kvavle's first companion name is Elder Grate,
from California.  They get along great and they are
both picky eaters. :)  There are 9 missionaries currently in the MTC that are all heading up to Alaska Mission.  Elder Kvavle was made District Leader for the guys in Alaska Mission at the MTC.  We have classroom for about 6 hours a day and have been learning so much.  Elder Grate and I work super well as a team with the investigators and we can actually see how much we have grown spiritually, it's crazy! The food is good somedays and not so good other days. 

We have been sending Scott letters and packages full of snacks and treats.  Elder Kvavle says his roommates were so jealous with the first package.  Little do they know he should be getting another one any day now. :)

Elder Kvavle says "Let me just tell you all that I miss you and the only way I was able to come on my mission and leave you all was because I know I'm doing the Lord's work; and that's the right thing to do.  I love you all!"

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