Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 2012

Well this last week was lots of fun down in Juneau.  Zone Conference was great and I was able to learn a lot.  The drive down to Skagway was awesome and then we took the ferry. We got back Saturday night after our ferry was delayed for about 3 hours.  We went shopping for food down in Juneau at Costco so we could bring the cheaper food up here, so we stocked up probably for the whole transfer or more.  The theme for our Zone Conference was Zion's Camp, so for our zone activity we did lots of stuff in the rain, plus it was cold and windy, but I think they planned it that was so we would murmur more.

I gave a talk at church on Sunday on why we go to the Temple and the blessings involved by going there.  It is hard for the people here to go to the Temple too often because it is a good 13 hours away, and the jobs here don't pay that well so money is a problem as well. 
New Mailing Address: 
Elder Scott Kvavle
Anchorage Alaska Mission
68 B Teslin Dr.
Whitehorse, YT Y1A3M6

August 2012

This week has been a busy week for us.  You are right mom, we do a lot
of less active work here. We taught 14 less active lessons this last week.  A lot of them want to come back, but something gets in the way. But there isn't anything too exciting going on here at the moment, just the usual working hard for the kingdom of God.  Oh we have been meeting with a nonmember guy and this week he is inviting his minister to come and talk with us. He is a pentecostal guy.  So we will see how that lesson goes with him.

Well I am learning how to play the guitar now, started a few days ago so we will see if I am any good by the time I get home. 
We had the same lesson on sharing the gospel on Sunday out of the George Albert Smith book.  He was a great missionary. we are finding quite a few new people to teach, we got 2 new investigators last week and we are hoping to get another new one today from a less active family.  Transfers are coming up, we will find out not this Saturday but the following one.  So we will see what happens. I would like to stay but I also want to go somewhere new too, so we will see what happens.  
I am getting transferred to White Horse Canada!!  
Yeah a big change, there is a branch out there and another missionary set too.  To get there I am taking a plan to Juneau and then taking a ferry to Skagway and then drive to White horse.  It will be and adventure.  My companion is Elder Gardner.  He is still pretty new on his mission.  So it will be crazy.  I am excited though for a change.  The ward is sad to see me go.  So we will see if I finish my mission there.  
So the last update on the work here in the Tongan ward is that we have someone on date to be baptized on September 3rd.  She is solid, she the girlfriend of a less active member in the ward.  But she has a few member friends in our ward already, but she isn't Tongan though so it will be up to her if she decides to still attend the Tongan ward or not.  I will still keep in contact with the Elders here in the Tongan ward to check her progress.  Elder Kafoa, one of my old companions, is coming to serve with Elder Tonga.

July 2012

This was a good week,  that scout encampment was a lot of fun.  Boys from all over Alaska were there.  The Lady we are teaching, Tabitha, and her less active boyfriend might be getting married this week and the baptism would follow shortly there after, she is ready but her boyfriend has been dragging his feet.  She will bring the kids to church even when he doesn't come, and HE IS THE MEMBER!  she came 13 Sundays in a row!  So we are pretty excited.  So we will see what happens this week.
I love you both and miss you both,  I am very thankful that you raised me in the gospel of Jesus Christ, I am eternally grateful.
'Ofa Lahi Atu,
Elder Kvavle

 Here is a picture is what my Tongan name tag, which is actually closer to what it sounds like.

This months transfer info.  I am staying with Elder Tonga for another 6 weeks.  But this time around Elder Tonga is going to be the District Leader now!!  It is good for him, he gets to grow in other ways now, President told me I need to help Elder Tonga be a good District leader.  So Tabitha and Tevita are getting married tonight maybe and then she will be baptized tomorrow!!  We are really excited for them.  

We had a really powerful lesson with a less active family this week and we are going to help them get to the Temple and Sealed as a family.  We are going to take them to the Temple and and go in the waiting room and have a lesson about the Temple in there. We think this will be an awesome lesson for them.