Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fairbanks District Pictures

Picture of Fairbank's District before transfer calls last week.

Elder Kvavle, Brother Marshall (our host family), Elder Espi
Transfer calls happened last week and Elder Kvavle and Elder Espi are staying in Fairbanks for another 6 weeks. "We have a new investigator named Elizabeth Jachim.  The first lesson was on Saturday and we are going to be working with her on Jesus Christ because she was raised a Jewish.  Her Husband showed some interest as well so we are hoping to teach both of them!  Its way exciting because this is the first investigator that i get to help teach from square one!  We haven't had any baptisms yet but we are always hopeful.  And we will start teaching them on Thursday!  And they seem interested and such.  On Sundays we try and tract in the morning and then church and then visit people after church or tract some more.  Weekends are a great time to tract because people are usually home."
"Sometimes we are visiting someone and we both just know that the person next door needs to hear the gospel.  And sometimes they don't even let us in. But I know that we helped them in some way, even if it be a smile.  The best part of the mission is all of it lol.  But something that stands out to me the most is the people here and the complete devotion of our time and efforts to the Lord."

Jeff Kvavle, Grandpa Kvavle & Elder Kvavle

Elder Kvavle & Dad