Friday, February 18, 2011

Fairwell Talk 1.23.2011

Scott's extended family came down to hear Scott's fairwell talk at church 1.23.2011
(from left to right) Sabrina, Aunt Kayla, Scott, Aunt Valerie, Grandma Karen, Uncle Matt, Aunt Debbie

Scott had a blast hanging out with his extended family, we ate alot of great food (possibly more then around the hoildays).  We all felt very blessed to be able to spend soom good quality time together.

The boys played a few games of Risk and had a blast...not sure who won

Aunt Debbie, Scott, Uncle Matt
Scott and Uncle Matt

Mom, Scott and Aunt Valerie

Paige, Scott and Parker

Sacarment Hymns
#194, There is a Green Hil Far Away 
Special musical number "The Spirit of God" by Sam Merrill
#249, Called to Serve 

Scott's Fairwell Talk Highlights:
Missionaries do the Lords work and not worry about the numbers of people you baptized.
-I will probably have to be reminded of this many times.
-Question: Why don't we share the gospel more often now?
                -Because were scared of what they will think.
                -The only thing that matters is what God thinks of you and not people.
-What seek ye?
    -Christ said come and see, invitation to come follow me.
-Whatever it is, Christ response is always the same:
    -Learn of Me
    -Talk to Me
    -Find answers in your prayers
-I know the gospel is true and every word I have spoken here today is true.

Kvavle Family Shot 1.23.2011

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