Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mother's Day Call

There is going to be a new Mission President, President Clarke and his wife are coming up from Utah (he was previously a Elementary School President).  Alittle more information about the Fairbanks area; there about 90,000 people and Elder Kvavle's mission zone has about 5,000 people in it with a total of 14 Missions int eh Fairbanks area.  Interesting note, the boundaries for Mission area, you could drive for 5 hours and still be within the boundaries.  The road that takes you up to see the norhtern lights is also in there mission area.  It's sunny most of the time there it looks like dusk when the Elder's go to bed and still light when they get up in the morning.  Elder Kvavle's current Mission area goes all the way up by the Artic Circle.  The members that live up by the Artic Circle actually conference call in to hear sacrament on Sundays (which is pretty cool).
100 members or so that are less active in Elder Kvavle's ward and there doing alot of less active work.  Teaching 3 families now that were less active but now are considered active.  One guy hadn't been to church in 40 years and now he is considered active again (he's on the Ice Road Truckers show).  2 current investigators...one from tracking...one from a referral from a few years ago. 
Elder Kvavle said the best part of the mission so far...alot of great things:
1. Set routine of things
2. Studying scriptures
3. Meeting with people that have fragle grasp on the gospel and teaching them makes it worth it
" I am so very thankful for the chance I have to serve a mission for the Lord.  I love being able to look back and see the Lords hand in my life so much.  I makes me want to do better so I will be worthy to have the Lord help me more in my life and in the work. My favorite part of my mission thus far is the people I am able to help, whether it be through the gospel or through service."
The Bishop in the ward is really pushing that everyone has their own garden this year.  "The teaching of people is going well, Sunday was invite a non member to church day and we had 3 investigators show up!  Which is great. Elder Espi has told me some stories about some of the bad areas and bad companions he has had in the past, so I am grateful for the area and for him because he is a great companion.  We also have a great district and zone.  I am able to learn and grow a lot in this area.  Yeah the temperature here doesn't bother me now.  I think I am a little more acclimated now that things are warmer.  This last transfer has gone by so fast, its crazy.  This Sunday a member is taking us up to central which will be cool.  We are going to have a mini sacrament meeting with the members up there.  Its about 5 hours away so it will be a good drive."

Elder Kvavle & Mom

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