Sunday, August 28, 2011

August Transfer 2011

"My time in Alaska thus far has taught me many things.  And I can see now that having food and water storage is so important and I would encourage you and Mom to try and get that year supply if you are able and next year to have a good garden."

"We have an investigator who is progressing and is taking steps toward baptism.  He has committed himself to live every aspect of the gospel and we haven't had to ask him to do any of it!  Which is way cool.  The members here are way cool and are so welcoming and inviting which is way cool and makes it feel like home more."

"So this week I have been learning about work.  I always had this negative view about work, like I would rather just do nothing and relax, but I know now what a blessing work is in any form.  You can learn more, are more productive, and you can enjoy yourself more.  Its all about the mind set you have about work.  And work can make you happy which is a strange new thought.  So I decided that I am going to start some projects when I get home that I have always wanted to but I always just thought it was too much work."

I'm guessing these pictures are from Elder Kvavle's flight down to Anchorage.

 "I am getting transferred to South Anchorage in the Sand Lake ward.  I am going to have 2 companions, Elder Salvador and Elder Ashby.  I replaced Elder Ashby up here in Fairbanks.  I leave on Tuesday morning to drive down with some other Elders.  I am ready for the change but I will still miss Fairbanks a lot and the members as well.  The other missionaries say that the first transfer is the hardest one, then after that its easy as pie.  This week we have helped Brother Marshall a lot.  We tore out some carpet and put some new stuff in, we have cut up some fish and vacuum sealed it, and moved a lot of furniture.  My health is doing better this week, I am almost at 100%.  I gave a priesthood blessing on Sunday to a baby who was pretty sick. "

"So I have pretty much taken over as senior cuz they "don't know what to say" and I do all of the planning haha oh well its good for me :)  So Elder Salvador is from the Phillipines and Elder Ashby is from Utah.  Elder salvador goes home at the end of this transfer and Elder Ashby goes home at the end of the next transfer.  So I will probably kill them both off.  We live in an apartment that a member owns.  There is a lot of work to be done here.  We are having a baptism on Sunday of a couple who is getting married on Friday.  We still have to go over the lessons with them though.  They were taught the lessons in Kodiak."

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