Sunday, August 28, 2011

July 2011

"I read 3 Nephi 28 through 4 Nephi today and I really enjoyed chapter 28,  it helps me realize how much responsibility me as a missionary has.  But this last week we picked up a new investigator.  I cut my own hair (which is a first time for me).  And the Marshall's took us to a place called the Turtle Club, they had really good prime rib.  The new investigator came from one of our other investigators named John, he has been talking to her about the church and the experiences he has had and after the lesson we had with both of them she asked when church starts, which shocked all of us including John.  So that we way cool.  So transfers are coming up on July 11th, which isn't too far away.  I don't know what will happen to me,  I could see myself leaving and staying so I don't know.  I am loving the work and am excited that people want to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ."

"I am not getting transferred, I am staying in Fairbanks for another 5 weeks.  Elder Lowe is also staying and I am excited because John is going to get baptized, maybe not this week because his job just picked up so we can't meet with him as often as we would like.  But we are having a baptism on Friday of an 11 year old."

 "We had our baptism on Friday night and we took pictures which i will send.  Our P-day didn't change.  We just had a holiday and then transfers so now we are back on Monday p-days.  Lessons now are pretty good, I can explain everything pretty well.  I just need to now more scriptures to use, which I am working on.  I am glad that the wedding went well.  Wish I could have been there, but I am needed here.  We had interviews wit President Beesley on Saturday which was nice.  He is a good mission President.  So Sister Beesley reminded us all that Harry Potter came out which I didn't need haha but oh well.  President and Sister Beesley came to the baptism of Michael Ferndandes on Friday which was cool.  The whole thing went over very smoothly, but the only bad thing was that it was super hot in the room." 

"I am loving my mission experience and wouldn't trade it for anything.  Yeah mission life does travel a little quicker than normal life does.  Its crazy that 6 months out is coming up soon.  Heavenly Father is blessing me so I don't think about home a whole lot which makes it easier to not get home sick, which is nice."

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