Tuesday, November 29, 2011

November 2011

Its been snowing like crazy here the past week.  We already have more than a foot now, its crazy and I am the one driving!  A family actually gave us a gingerbread house for Halloween so we have a house to eat.

Bridget is doing well, we have a lesson set up for Wednesday,  we invited her to the Elder Holland Fireside so we will ask her if she came (lots of people, we see didn't see her.)  Yeah the fireside was way awesome!  He gave a really good talk about Peter and James I think.  It was so cool, the spirit in the stake center was so strong there.

So this past week we put 2 more people on date to be baptized and and another person said they want to be baptized but he doesn't know what day he can be baptized yet!  And that guy (Blake) has a room mate and he wants to take the lessons too!  So the work is really picking up.  So news about transfers.  Elder Dellenbach and I are staying in Sand Lake and I am going to be the District Leader now.  I am excited to be a District Leader.

Elder Ashby will be leaving Wednesday morning to fly back to Salt Lake.  He is doing well though.  For Thanksgiving we are eating at a members house, the Penmens, they are an awesome family.  And for big holidays like that they have us go in to our apartments early.

I am not a Dristrict Leader any more.  Its because our dristrict was too small so they combined it with another one.   It has been snowing here a lot.  We probably have about 2 feet now.  And I have to get acostom with the idea of brushing off the car almost every morning.  Bridgets Baptism will have to be postponed because she hasn't been to church yet.

On Saturday a family from Fairbanks came down that I taught all of the new member lessons to.  The came to take out their endowments and to get sealed in the Temple!  That was my first time attending a sealing.

It was such a wonderful experience.  The spirit was so strong there and you could just feel the love there.  There are the family in the Temple picture holding the little girl.  Their name is the Cerny's.

Later that day we had a baptism for 3 People! A mother and her 2 daughters Gracy, Kelly, and Holly.  I physically baptized Holly! That was my first time actually baptising anyone.  I could feel the spirit so strongly testifying of truth.

Gracy, Kelly, and Holly

On Sunday we had a lesson with a 13 year old boy named Aaron.  He was
tracted into on a zone tract in our area.  He has a strong Christan faith.
We shared the first lesson with him and we were about to watch the
Restoration DVD with him when His mother got home along with his sister.
And they joined us for watching the movie!  Then during the movie one of
his friends came to his house and watched the movie with us!  And after we
bore our testimonies of the truth of that message.  We challenged them all
to read and pray about the Book of Mormon.  They all accepted and they all
asked for a B of M.  Aaron is on a spiritual quest right now and wants
to know.  It was a small miracle because we had already given away 3 B of M
that day and I didn't think that we had 4!  I thought we had 2 in the car.
But we found 2 more luckly haha.  I am so thankful to be able to serve a

We have one more baptismal date right now of a 9 year old boy named Demarcus Olloway.  So I am having a beaver hat made for me up here so I will look a true Alaskan!  I found a lady in another ward that will make one if you provide the beaver pelt so she is now in the process of making it :)  I will send a picture when I have it.

I am staying warm enough, Anchorage isn't too cold. The work is going good.  Last week was pretty slow because of thanksgiving and all.  Gracy and her children are doing well, she is now engaged now and is hoping to be married soon.  We haven't been doing much tracking as of late.  But we are going to be finding a lot more since out teaching pool is getting smaller.  Our next Zone Conference is December 14th so we will be looking forward to that.

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