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December 2011

Elder Kvavle, Demarcus, Darius, Elder Dellenbach
The baptism was great, Demarcus was the convert baptism and Darius was the child of record baptism.  I baptized Demarcus and Elder Dellenbach baptized Darius.  They are a part member family.  Their dad isn't a member.  After the baptism we were all changing and their older brother Melek came in and hugged both of his brothers and told them how proud he was of them and that he cried when they were baptized and it reminded him of his baptism (he was also a convert baptism. He is 10 now)  So that was way awesome!

 We had a ward Christmas Party on Saturday and when had so many people  show up.  People that hadn't been to church in years.  We have been having some crazy weather here lately.  Its been warmer so lots of the snow has been melting so the roads are really bad so our mission president had us stay in our apartments a few days till the worst of it was over.  Our teaching has been going well.  Since we have reduced our teaching pool now since we have had some baptisms we are going to be doing some more finding aka tracking.

 We get to attend the Temple about once every three months if we are in Anchorage.  So next month we will probably be able to attend again.  Our Temple here is in the parking lot of our Stake center so there isn't a whole lot of Temple grounds to decorate so I don't know if they decorate them or not.  But they haven't yet.  So I forgot to tell you that for the Thanksgiving day we went over to a members house and decorated gingerbread houses.  I will include a picture.  So I have been thinking that when I get back from my mission we could go to Nauvoo some time.  Yeah so I have been out almost 10 months now.

Last night is snowed like 8 inches so we had a fun surprise this morning.  And the roads were not so good.  Last night we went to a part member families house the house of the 2 boys we just baptized and taught them the lesson after baptism and then we talked the the father who isn't a member and we were looking for his concern.  I was able to channel the spirit and we really got Brother Olloway to open up an I think we can help him work through his concern.  One of our investigators named Bidget, she has been on date before, came to church on Sunday!  This was a big step for her because we have been trying to get her to come for about a month and a half!  And she love church.  Epically Relief Society.  That is what made the experience for her.  So we are very hopeful for Bridget to be baptized soon.  Well transfers are coming up this next week so we will see what happens.  I have been thinking about school a lot for after my mission and trying to figure out what a I will do.  Missionaries can apply while they are out in the field so Elder Dellenbach who has applied to many colleges has told me I should apply in the summer of 2012 so I can make the dead line. 

So I am getting transferred to Wasilla.  The Settlers Bay ward.  Elder Dellenbach is also getting transferred to a samoan ward.  I am going to go be the district leader there and I am also white washing the area (2 new missionaries in the area) with Elder Tonga.  President Beesley told me I need to help him with his English and we need to go whip the area into shape.  It has been slow lately.  So it will be fun :)    

We just found out a few days ago that we can Skype home now too from a members house.  So we will see what happens.  We will just plan on the call and if a member lets us come over in Settlers Bay then I will let you know in the call. But it will be tough since we won't know anyone there.  And I leave tomorrow.  We found out Saturday morning.  So on Saturday night we had dinner with a member family and they had family over who wasn't a member.  Pretty much they want to learn more about the gospel and wants to be baptized once they gain a testimony of it.  Yeah and we are leaving haha so great for the Elders who are replacing us.  An Elder will be trained in Sand Lake now.  But it is great because the area is being blessed and we were as well because of obedience (D&C 130:20-21) and it is so great to be able to feel the Spirit testify of the truth of the things we have to tell them.

I have been a trainer now for almost 12 weeks now.   There is a new program so the new missionary stays with his trainer for 12 weeks now.  Training is hard but fun.  I am enjoying this time as just a regular missionary because President Beesley told me I will be a district leader and more later on in my mission.  So I am enjoying it while it lasts.  A few of them members who like us a lot have invited us over for Christmas day and Eve, so we will be taken care of.

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