Saturday, March 31, 2012

February 2012

Elder Kafoa, Dawson, Caden, Grandfather, Elder Kvavle
 The baptism that was scheduled for this week was moved to yesterday so Dawson and Caden were baptized yesterday by their Grandfather who is in the Stake Presidency.  It was a good service and we had a couple more of our investigators were there so that was really good for them.

 I have been think about finishing strong also.  Because I get to see some missionaries finish out really strong and I see others that don't and they just can't wait to go home.  And I know which I would like to be. So I will do my best to finish strong in the work of the Lord.  Elder Kafoa has been out 8 months.  His English is good.  He is from Tonga, he is 23 years old he has 2 younger sisters.  He is a convert when he was 12.  Yep I am still the district leader.  But this last week they had a district leaders meeting, which is new, and it helps clarify what I should be doing as a district leader.  I am so happy that Uncle Matt is trying to get himself to the Temple.  That is such a huge event in his life.  I am proud of him.

I can tell that my testimony has grow so much and that my view of the world and of other things has changed, for the better.  I pray that I will have the same view and attitude when I am home as I do right now.  This Gospel does bless whatever it comes in contact with.  Thank you both for rearing me in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our interviews with president Beesley went well thins past week.  We teach the new member lessons with the ward missionaries.  We live with a member but I think we are going to get an apartment soon.  My companion speaks English better than my last companion.  He understands a lot and really wants to learn more English.

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